Guess who’s back?!

Well my my hasn’t it been a long time! I do apologise my fellow bloggers, but alas the life outside of the cyber called and I became somewhat distracted! The last two weeks you see have been the most amazing ever in many ways. First of all it was the big Graduation not to mention the ball, and just because it’s good fun, here’s a picture of me looking like an idiot –

and then a little less of an idiot…


…having a beautiful woman on your arm does help such things along mind you!

I then had the pleasure of my girl’s company in Swansea for a few days where we had alot of …catching up to do! Hehe! Then it was back to my home town for a couple of days where Hann met some of my old school friends and spend some time with my family (she got around to my mum, dad, brother, nan, gramp and other nan …slut!) We had a nice couple of days out actually, and even got around to seeing Mamma Mia! in the cinema which was pretty good.

Tuesday then brought the dynamic duo to travel to London, where I in turn met one of Hannah’s best friends (who approves of me! woop!) and her little cute next door neighbours who we had a random day in the sun with full of pools, Disney and smiles! Other than that we generally filled our time with Disney films, Buffy and …romance! Quote of the trip I feel may be –

Anya: Will you still make me waffles when we’re married?
Xander: No, I’ll only make them for myself. But, by California law, you will own half of them…

I got back from London then yesterday after many tears of farewell. Since my return I ave been pretty pro-active however as I today attended an assessment centre for a job I applied for a few weeks back. I think it was one of the scarier experiences I have had, but even if I don’t get the job it’ll be excellent experience ..and to be honest I’m feeling quite good about things!

Oh and how could I forget! I also watched The Dark Knight a couple of days ago, and it was amazing! I think you should all go and see it! I must admit I thought I may get a little sad seeing Heath on screen knowing he is no longer with us, but I actually held it together pretty well – until this part anyways…

The Joker: You just couldn’t let me go could you? This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. You truly are incorruptible aren’t you? You won’t kill me out of some misplaced sense of self-righteousness, and I won’t kill you, because you’re just too much fun. I think you and I are destined to do this forever.

All I could think was – “No you’re not…”
RIP Heath

Well I guess that leaves you pretty good and caught up with all things me related! Until next time…


Batman: What did you do?
The Joker: I took Gotham’s white knight, and lowered him to our level. It wasn’t hard. Y’see, madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little…push.
– The Dark Knight


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One Response to “Guess who’s back?!”

  1. cissym Says:

    About bloody time too, I meant to spam you on Facebook yesterday to tell you to post, but I forgot! But hurrah for the return of the Laura!

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