Gloves & gowns

Sadly, this blog is not nearly as kinky as the title would suggest, but in fact an update on all things hospital and my nan related. As if things couldn’t get worse, the nurses now tell us that she has picked up one of those bugs that you only get from staying in hospitals. This basically means that she is in a room shut off by herself, and when we visit her now we have to wear gloves and gowns. While my parents and I visited on Sunday, we actually managed to speak to a doctor and the news seemed worse again. As she isn’t on any solids at the moment, she is on an IV, but is still getting really dry. To try and compensate for this, they basically put her on an even bigger drip (from what I understand…), but then this has gone too far the other way now and is causing fluid to build up on her lungs. All in all it doesn’t sound too good, and to top it off, the doctor explained that in the case of her heart stopping, she is a DNR  (do not resuscitate) – never a fun thing to hear. The nurses are all really worried about her, and though everyone keeps saying “she’s a tough old bird” I can’t help thinking “no she’s not…”


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