Just a step from crazy…

So I know I’m a little behind on my L Word blogs …so here’s the write up for the latest two …in one.

605 – Litmus Test

This episode’s best feature consists of the ‘character test’, where the gang decide to test Dylan’s feelings for Helena by seeing if she’d be seduced away by Niki and a directing deal – I loved it! It was kind of reminiscent of the gay test back in series one where the girls were trying to help Dana work out if Lara was gay or straight …immense! Though it’s important to remember, Dylan is no Lara, and Niki is no Shane – still, it was better than the rest of the episode!

We have a little more on the ‘3rd wheel crush’ scenario with Alice, Tash and Jamie. Tina and Alice seeing the harsh and bitter side of Hollywood. Oh, and an admission from Shane that jenny is driving her crazy (yay) but apparently not enough to make them break up (boo) …yet anyways!

Screencap Glory

“Homo says what?”"What?"


606 – Lactose Intolerant

So, this episode was just generally awful. It involved a baby shower for Max, some more potential threesome teasing with Alice, Tash and Jamie, Jenny being crazy, Bette being a flirt and Shane doing what she does best. Needless to say, it’s not going down in history as a great episode …or even good to be honest. In fact, I was more entertained by the ironing I was doing at the same time…  

Screencap Glory

“How many licks does it take to get to the center of the crazy?”crazy!


On a complete side note, they have made another The Fast and The Furiousedition, but this time, the entire original cast is back! That’s right folks, that means Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, but more importantly Michelle Rodriguez and the beautiful Jordana Brewster (gee, I bet you can’t guess who’s my favourite..)!

Oh, and on a final side note, I’ve decided give up popcorn for lent this year. Working in a cinema + boredom + munchies + denying cravings = hardest thing ever! Fingers crossed for me people!


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