Notes and side notes…

So you know how every week I go on and on about PostSecret? Well, there are certain people in the world, that have been inspired enough by Frank’s idea that they don’t just send their secrets directly to him, but they leave their secrets either in PostSecret books in shops, or as graffiti etc. Anyways, the idea is that you give a complete stranger an insight into our life. This week, I’ve found two things that remind me of this idea. It’s not exactly the same …but the part with the insight into others lives runs true. 

Firstly I found a letter from the Captain of the Glamorgan University’s ‘Coyote’ Cheerleading Squad. Now, I can’t say exactly why, but everything about this letter just made me smile. It made me think about being apart of  team (a peppy, happy team at that!) and just how fun, exciting and rewarding that must be. Though poorly spelt, the letter was just so positive and upbeat, it made me sad that I’m not really around those kinds of people anymore. It kind of made me look at myself and decide that I need to inject some more basic joy back into my life. Grabbing the bull by the horns then, I’ve been hanging around said peppy people alot since, and trying to look on the bright side of life (insert whistle here!). Plus, I hear they won whatever category it was they entered, so well done …mind you, I’m still a Sirens girl at heart 🙂

The other note I found was lyrics. Now I LOVE lyrics, and I liked these so much that I’ve decided I didn’t want to Google them incase they turn out to be from some kind of lame-ass pop band! I’m liking the idea that some emo guy with an acoustic guitar sat and wrote them while all angst-ed out …just let me believe it ?! ;p  Anyways, here they are:

Music For Morons

Music for morons
Keep their minds numb
Flashing lights
And their having fun
Music for morons
Around the world
Get you the moolah
Get you the girl

An ancient old rocker
He picks up his axe
He strums a few chords
‘Cause it helps him relax
It’s music for morons
But he doesn’t mind
It’s rocking his socks off
That helps him unwind

Stressed out young schoolboy
Sitting exams
Usually so cocky
Now meek as young lambs
But music for morons
It picks up their souls
The tests are all over
The good times will roll


A crazy faced mosher
Is crashing about
Emo’s in the corner
Are starting to pout
It’s music for morons
That’s brought them all here
They enjoy the music
They enjoy the beer



I’m not sure why I like it so much, I just do. It is funny the kinds of things people leave around a cinema though…


On a side note (I do seem to like my side notes recently don’t I?!) I finished One Tree Hill Season 3 last night, and just wanted to post two jewels of quotes to end things today:

Haley: Nathan, it’s been said that there’s one word that will free us from the weight and the pain of life, and that word is love, and I believe that. That doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been hard, or that it won’t be. It just means that, I found a stillness and bravery in myself with you. You make me brave, and I will love you until the end of time.

Lucas: The last time I made a speech about Nathan and Haley was, well, at their first reception. I remember saying “Prepare to be surprised.” Well, I have to say even I was surprised. Because, you see, they do something very rare to see in someone our age. Actually, it’s very rare to see in anybody. They give their hearts to each other. Unconditionally. And that’s what true love really is. It’s not this fairy tale life that never knows pain. But it’s two souls facing it together. And diminishing it with unconditional love.


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