It’s been a while…

So before you wonder where I’ve been, it’s important to mention that it’s all my mother’s fault! Basically, she seems to have accidentally downloaded some kind of virus onto our computer, which not only destroyed my Internet connection, but also wormed its way through my entire PC deleting everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! I’ve lost my documents, music, downloads and all my pictures …ranging right from Graduation and my ball, to my holiday in Italy, my friend’s wedding, my grandparents’ 50th anniversary… (you get the idea!). It also now means that I have not used the net in the best part of 2 weeks, other than when I’ve had the odd chance to steal someone else’s and sneak a peak at Facebook. All in all, it’s not good and I’ve discovered I’d rather throw up on my own face than be without the Internet!

Meanwhile Kirsty has been a cracking host and has not only provided me with said Internet for a moment, but  has fed me, and also has had me in stiches while comparing herself to a “slightly fat member of the Saturdays” as she strips! haha!

So, as much as I realise this is a lame blog, I have zero time to go into depth of all that has happened to me since the 5th (and it’s surprisingly ALOT!). This really is just an opportunity for me to tell you all that I am still alive, and as soon as my Internet is back up and running again you will once more be hearing plenty from me.

I hope this doesn’t upset too many of you…


Signed, sealed, delivered lost in the post.


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