Two weeks of me!

Now, don’t get too excited, this post does not in fact declare my return to cyber space …I’ve just found another poor soul to lend me their connection (I’m getting quite good at that…)! So, what I’m going to do is try and cram in as much as I can think of that I’ve been up to in the last two weeks for you …it will feel like I was never even gone! Oh, and in case you are wondering, I’m not going to add any PostSecret posts, as this blog will probably be long enough without them

Well, working in a cinema, it has been a pretty busy fortnight for films. I’ve seen at least six that I can remember (which I feel is pretty impressive…). First of all I saw the haunting thriller The Unborn, the most important part of which was when the lead wears a shirt that I own! Next of which came Hotel for Dogs with the lovely Emma Roberts …and no I’m not ashamed to admit a little crush! Young Victoriafollowed with again another crush, this time in the form of Emily Blunt (how lucky is Michael Buble?!). Then, and by far the most epic, came Watchmen. What a film! I really enjoyed this one, although I feel that it’s only really going to be fans of the graphic novel that completely get it all. Mind you, if the enticement of attractive folk in latex outfits is enough for you …I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too!

The most recent I’ve watched was Lesbian Vampire Killers, and then Bolt just today. LVK was quite amusing, but is definitely a film made for 15 year old boys (the slow motion kissing and boob shots more than prove that…). It made me laugh out loud a few times anyway, so what more can you ask for? Bolt then was reallygood …but then I am a huge sucker for anything that Disney/Pixarcome up with! Plus, as my manager Rob keeps telling me, I was in the film …apparently I’m the splitting image of Penny! Ha!

Not to mention that in the comfort of my own home, I’ve been busy watching the Alienquadrology (“they’re coming out of the goddamn walls!”) and Double Indemnity, the very first noir film I’ve watched (and enjoyed!) without being told to do so by a University professor!

We’ve been apart for so long that I have even finished two books and am half way through another! One of the guys from work leant me the Watchmen graphic novel, which was really awesome and I read in just a few days. Next then was The Dark River by John Twelve Hawks, which was a sequel to a book I wrote about not that long ago called The Traveller. Now normally I find I’m disappointed by sequels, but I really loved this book …it’s a real dystopian view of a society oblivious to all the ways their freedom is lost through the expansion of technologies, such as surveillance and tracking, masquerading as for our own protection. It’s quite scary actually, and it’s not such a far-fetched future for our existing society. After finishing this, I decided it was probably a good idea to move onto something a little lighter, and so am now reading Yes Man by Danny Wallace. Now this book really is amazing (and I’m only half way through!)! It had me in stitches from the prologue alone, and strangely is quite inspiring and really does make me want to say “Yes” more to opportunity.

Sadly the lack of Internet has meant that I am seriously behind on my downloads, which means I am yet to see The L Wordfinale. Due to a very kind work friend of mine however, I am up to date with Dollhouse! Now this really is a good show! I must admit, I was slightly disappointed by the pilot (it just didn’t feel like it was a Joss creation), but episode two blew apart any doubts I had! I’ve also managed to catch the third and fourth episodes now, and have yet to be let down! I’ve also started on Season 4 of One Tree Hill this week. Oh, and what about Skins?! How amazing has that show become this series? Now I know that there is many a cynic out there thinking “Hmmm, isn’t this the series that finally has lesbians?” …Well, you’re not wrong, but I promise it’s not the only reason that I love it!

Life has been pretty interesting over the last fortnight – first of all, I got offered a place at the Edinburgh TV Festival again this year, but sadly am on holidays at the same time so can’t make it – gutted! Then a piece of bad news got turned into some great news where, my brother’s school trip to New York got cancelled and so to try and to make it up to him, my parents are taking us to London for a few days in April, where we’re going to see the sights and watch Wicked again and Phantom of the Opera.

Now, onto events that I have actually partaken in – I’ve been drinking a lot the last week or so. Now many would raise an eyebrow at why this is a good thing, but I promise you, it’s been the good kind of drinking and not the excessive bad kind of drinking! Now let me think…the first big night, was when there was this huge drama at work, involving a bit of a boy-girl-girl triangle which I don’t really want to go into. Anyways, it all ended pretty shit and so I was in much need of cheering – cue Stephand alcohol! We literally spent the night with three bottles of aftershock and some peach snaps, discussing how life would be just so much easier if either she would become a gay, or if I would turn into a man! Ha! The next night of drinking was actually the very next night, where we went over some of the guys from work’s house and played drinking Jenga. Now if you have never partaken in said game, I warn you, it is not for the faint of heart! It’s basically a mixture of Jenga and ring of fire, where I discovered that I am actually quite good at Jenga. Stephon the other hand is not good at Jenga… Let’s just say the night ended with her telling me that I’d very definitely have to undress her, as I’m practically carrying her upstairs to where we were sleeping! Impressively, she did get up and go to work for 10am the next day, and we plan to repeat this Monday night where it is however my turn to work the next day (wish me luck!!)

The next drinking occasion was also somewhat of a mini adventure. I drove to Bristol on the weekend to visit my friend Amy, and it was the very first time that I’d driven over the bridge and into England on my own (I was geekily excited about this fact!). In true style, there was much cider drinking that took place, and though I didn’t really see much of Bristol (though I did catch the St Patrick’s Day parade…), it was a nice weekend away from all the drama at home. The most recent drinking then took place right back West, where I went out with the LGBT in Swansea (where as you can see from below was where my last Internet thieving took place!). Now this was actually a really good night out! I must admit, when I first got there and discovered that most of the people that I knew (Ruth, Adam F, Adam H, Shegs, Sefton…) were not going to be out – I panicked. It turned out to be a needless panic, as the people I did know that were out more than made up for it (Kirsty, Jo, Dom and Izzy!), and I met some awesome new members (Lizzie, Ria and Simon especially), who would be more than enough incentive to make the trip back to good old Swansea more often. I even managed to have a drunken walk down the Marina…and no, going to Tesco at 3am for a Double Decker was not my finest moment! Ha! Swanseawas more than just a night out mind you, as I also had a really nice hangover day with lunch at the Brynamor. I also ended up seeing two familiar faces in my less than attractive state – little Dan (thankfully I don’t think he saw me…) and Stacey who used to be on my course! What are the chances?!

I think that might be just about it actually. Oh no, wait…I also washed my car! (How could I forget that?!) I mean I’ve had some other odd days out with some work people, but that was generally just to see a film or catch a bite to eat. It’s been nice having so many options of things to do mind and going to different places with different people. I’m pretty excited for the next two weeks actually! I’m going into Cardiff to see Little Shop of Horrors on stage with my brother and Burke tomorrow, over the boys drinking on Monday, my cousins 18th birthday on the Saturday, seeing a stage performance of Rent on Wednesday, and then come my own birthday celebrations with a couple of big nights out planned! Things couldn’t look much better!


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