Drama, drama, drama…

Things got pretty dark in the Perry household last night. All I’ve wanted to do all day is talk it through with the one person that might make it all easier for me, but I’m not exactly in a position to be asking any favours right now, so instead I’m going to vent to you fine fellows. Let’s just say that his version of events is the censored account of the evening, and if you think it sounds bad, it was a hell of a lot worse that that …believe me.

So here’s the gist of what’s going on. On Saturday, it’s my cousin Becky’s 18th birthday party. As a polite gesture, my auntie then said that my brother and I could each bring a +1 to the event. Naturally, my brother wants to bring his boyfriend. This fact however has led to more tension than I actually thought possible. Instead of everyone just discussing their opinions, they have all gone completely off the handle. Basically when my brother told my parents he wanted to bring James they went really funny with him and said that they didn’t want him there. This then made my brother naturally want to rebel even more, and so is insisting that James will be there. My mother tried to explain that she’s just worried because our entire family will be there, and my grandparents and some of the older relatives know nothing about Matt’s lifestyle. This then lead to Matt shouting about how it’s just because my parents are ashamed of him and that they don’t want him to be happy and don’t care about him. This then is where things got nasty …now I don’t approve of the way Matt reacted, but what my Mum followed with was just uncalled for. She basically decided she was going to have a little shout of her own back, and blurted that it’s my brother’s responsibility then to be upfront with my grandparents, and that if the shock, worry and stress affects my grandmother, then he can live with that on his conscious. Let’s just say, the evening ended in tears, which continued long into this morning where round 2 commenced. The jury is still out on whether they will make up, and God knows what’s going to happen at this damn party if this is the prelude to it all! Sometimes I wish I could just escape…

To try and think in the positive and end the post on a bit of a more encouraging note, maybe I can fill you in on what I have been up to since my last posting. First of all my Internet is still not up and running and so I am once again stealing my cousin’s (not all family is all bad all the time it seems!). I guess then that there has been two note worthy events since last Friday, beginning with Saturday where I went out with Matt, James and my friend Burke to see Little Shop of Horrors on stage in Cardiff. I have to say, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was expecting from this show, but whatever it was, this far exceeded it! It truly was fantastic. The songs, cast and set were all amazing …not to mention that we had really brilliant seats in the circle. It is definitely a show I would recommend to anyone that hasn’t seen the production live, and I would 100% go and see it again one day. Plus, while in the theatre, my brother and I ended up booking tickets to go and see Cabaret in May! For those Brits that read this and are in to reality TV, who remembers I’d Do Anything, the Andrew Lloyd Webber search for a new Nancy in Oliver? Well, remember Samantha Barks the hot, young contestant who came 3rd? She’s the lead! I can’t wait! 🙂

The second of my blogtastic events was going out on Monday night to a house party with some of the guys from work. Now this was actually a really good night even though I had to get up for work the next day after only 4 hours sleep! We played drinking Family Guy (which was a bit of a disaster as we made up a few too many drinking rules!), and danced to a hell of a lot of cheese, including the time warp, macarena, 5678, and drinking Roxanne …was quite a mission I have to admit! Oh, and that’s all before I even explain the main hilarity to the evening, when (without me knowing) the guys decided they’d try and set me up with their lesbian friend. Lets just say, that boys are the least subtle of people, and it was just generally the most cringe worthy and disastrous thing ever (we in fact didn’t even speak one word to each other all night!). It was the biggest case of “you’re gay and you’re gay, so be gay together” I’ve come across! It does amuse me when people don’t realise that it doesn’t exactly work like that, and you have to fine the other person at least moderately attractive …oh well, at least now they know that I was serious when I said I’m not even remotely interested in butch! Ha!

Oh, I just remembered something else worthy of writing about! I also went to see Marley and Me with one of the girls on Tuesday night. It was a surprisingly good film, and despite the fact that I do not and have never owned a dog, I still cried like a sap at the end!


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