It’s a sister thing…

So yesterday, I managed to see two films that I have been looking forward to for some time. The first of these was My Sister’s Keeper, closely followed (well actually a chicken sandwich by the river, a drive to Cardiff and an hour of shopping later…) by Sunshine Cleaning.

I’m not really sure what to say about My Sister’s Keeper to be honest. I liked it, but for me, it was just missing something (and not just the fact there was no mention of Julia!) that the book had. I understand more than a lot of people the constraints of a page to screen adaptation, but a big part of me withes they’d skipped over some of the minutes long meaningful glances and just added in Campbell’s Judge jokes, Jesse’s delinquency and (as mentioned above) Julia, who is supposed to be Anna’s guardian (not Campbell) for the trial and has the most interesting romantic subplot – and that’s before even mentioning that she also has a lesbian sister! lol! As a stand alone, the film isn’t all that bad. The acting is very good, especially from Sofia Vassilieva (Kate) and Cameron Diaz (Sara). It even made me shed a tear …I don’t think huge fans of the book will be overwhelmed with joy at the outcome however.

Sunshine Cleaning on the other hand was a revelation. From the makers (and half the B cast) of Little Miss Sunshine, this was about two sisters (Amy Adams and Emily Blunt) who, out of sheer desperation for money, start a crime scene clean up business. I know it sounds kind of random, but trust me, it’s actually quite a brilliant film. I don’t want to give too much about it away, but if you liked the humour and style of LMS, you will most definitely enjoy this one!


Anna: Want to hear our routine?
Sara: What routine?
Anna: [lowers voice, imitating a male] Hey baby, what’s your sign?
Kate: Cancer.
Anna: You’re a cancer?
Anna: No, I’m a Leo.
Anna & Kate: But I have cancer.
~ My Sister’s Keeper

Lynn: How’d she die?
Norah: It was sorta a do-it-yourself thing…
~ Sunshine Cleaning


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