Can’t choose family…

So we’ve had a bit of annoying time recently regarding our family holiday. Myself, my Brother, my Mum and Dad are going to Barcelona with my Auntie and two Cousins at the end of the month. Now, my brother and myself have sacrificed alot to allow this holiday to go ahead – I gave up a weeks work at the Edinburgh TV Festival, and Matthew will be missing his A-Level results and so will potentially have trouble getting into University if he has to go into clearing. However all of a sudden, the other three are wanting to drop out! What makes things worse, is that going back about a month ago, my parents came into some money and so were debating dropping out of the holiday ourselves to go for something a little further afield like Florida, Canada or Vegas, but we didn’t because we knew the others wouldn’t be able to afford the upgrade.

Family is supposed to stick together. I guess however on this occasion water may have been thicker than blood…


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