Sunshine Reading.

Apparently, when I am on holiday I become a reading machine. I managed to read three books in ten days this time around. They were…

Join Me – Danny Wallace
The Pact– Jodi Picoult
Nothing to Lose – Lee Child


Join Me

Now this was the second Danny Wallace book I’ve read, and even though I loved Yes Man, I think I loved this more! In this book Wallace is up to his crazy ventures once again, only this time he’s starting a cult …by accident. Bored one afternoon, Wallace decides to place an advert in his local paper saying simply ‘Join Me’. What comes from there is an amazingly funny read of Wallce’s goal to reach first 100 and then 1000 joinees in the memory of his Swiss relative Gallus. You would really be pressed to find a more bizarre yet hilarious look into how to collect people. If he could only come up with something for everyone to do…
Brilliant read!


The Pact

This book upset me and impressed me all at the same time. The problem with reviewing Picoult’s books is that she writes books that are very much how the journey makes the ending. Therefore to talk about all the things that happen can give away the ending, and to talk about the ending usually would spoil something that comes as a great surprise when reading. To give a simple blurb then, the book is based around two teens who have been inseparable their whole life. They decide to kill themselves as a suicide pact …one of then survives. This is a powerful book which I would recommend to anyone to read …and for those of you that read it a long time ago, I think it’s time to dust it off the shelf.

There were a few passages in this book that struck a real cord with me, and quite a few situations that I could see myself in. One of these paragraphs I liked enough to dog-ear, and so I’d like to share that with you now –

Sometimes he was certain he’d come away a hero, and one day he and Emily would find this all very funny. And other times he believed that he would be only what he’d promised Emily: someone there to witness her, as she went.


Nothing To Lose

This is one of the latest books in the Jack Reacher thrillers, but for me, it was a lot less thrilling than its predecessors. One again Child follows the same formula; Reacher is walking/hitchhiking alone, no destination in mind, when he finds himself thrust into some small town problems. He fights it out. Beds and attractive and witty local female, and saves the day. It’s James Bond, without the accent or the tux. Normally this formula doesn’t bother me, but this time around it just seems Child was almost trying to hard. Gone were the fresh ideas and instead are just a reworking of the old – minus the interesting storyline to keep up the ante.  The only sense of urgency is the idea that with this newest mystery to solve, the stakes have a worldwide importance. Also, those that are militant, may find some of the ideas in this book  a little controversial. There was one passage that stood out for me however –

We’re all atheists. You don’t believe in Zeus or Thor or Neptune or Augustus Caesar or Mars or Venus or Sun Ra. You reject a thousand gods. Why should it bother you if someone else rejects a thousand and one?

All in all, I think that fans of the Reacher saga, will be left lacking a little after this one. Let’s hope the next one saves my view of the series!



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