Screw Hollywood!

Ok, so after watching what could be classed as a few ‘indie’ films recently, I’ve decided that hollywood is to blame for people’s lack of appreciation. The move industry seems to have caused a kind of formula that films have to stick to, and if they don’t, they are immediately seen as something different to be disliked. Last night a friend and I watched Adventureland which we both thought was amazingly good, meanwhile 4 people actually got up and left half way through! Similarly, I reviewed 500 Days of Summer a few posts ago saying how great it was, but since then I’ve had nothing but people tell me what a terrible film it was and how they didn’t ‘get’ it. What’s going on with society today that as soon as a comedy is released which the humour isn’t smack-you-in-the-face obvious, and a romantic-comedy that is only subtly funny and isn’t a ‘love’ story, they freak out and dislike them?! People need to watch some more films with me ..I’ll sort them out! Rant over.



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