…having a blog makes me sad, because it sits there looking at me, waiting for me to write something on it like an expectant child looking for affection from an indifferent parent. I have nothing to say right now… *sigh*

Oh wait! I finished reading another book – The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold.
It was shocking. Don’t bother.
What is it with books and rape eh?! I’m sick of it. Sick of reading about it/watching it/thinking about it. Ugh!

Just wait for the film to come out.
Peter Jackson can only make it better…

…one would hope.


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One Response to “Sometimes…”

  1. marymonica Says:

    Its some thing thrilling to watch the trailer.What would be the next.Hope so it will hit the theatres of Hollywood no sooner.And the actors looking dam cute n so soft. It has got good timing with the background work hopefully.

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