That’s soooo gay…

So my mother found out about the latest lady love in my life, and things didn’t exactly go as well as I’d hoped. Seeing as I came out to both of my parents about a year and a half ago now, I thought that entering into another lesbian relationship wouldn’t particularly come as a shock to her …turns out I was wrong. On telling her that I was in fact dating Charlotte, her exact response was – “I thought you were over the whole girl thing and were back to boys…”

I know right?! How are you supposed to reply to that one?!

I’ve been seeing different girls on and off over the last year, and granted I haven’t told my parents about any of them (I had to make sure they’d stick first…clearly they didn’t! lol!), but I’d of said that my behaviour has been anything but under the radar – I mean, my mother has Facebook for Christ’s sake! All of a sudden though it seems that I’ve returned to the penis, which I find amusing that she thinks this, seeing as the last naked man I saw was somewhere in the region of 5 years ago! Apparently even the rainbow flag in my bedroom isn’t enough to give it away! Mothers… crazy, crazy species!


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3 Responses to “That’s soooo gay…”

  1. cissym Says:

    She’s off her rocker! But all parents in denial are! xxxxxx

  2. Aron Says:

    “crazy, crazy species!” Amen to that! Couple that with Fathers who know just what to say to derail you in any situation and they’re one hell of a team!

  3. Karinna Says:

    I am scared to tell anybody I’m in love too

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