Damn Hollywood!

Ok, so I’ve just discovered something that has got me very VERY upset. One of my favourite British comedies of recent years is Death at a Funeral, and for some crazy reason the powers that be at Hollywood have decided they need to taint this by remaking it. As someone that has studied the film industry and have often longed to be apart of it, I hang my head in shame. What has come of the World? Has no one heard the phrase – If it’s not broke, don’t fix it?!

I’ve watched the trailer for this abomination, and it is literally the same film, but with a sprinkling of black jokes (they’ve gone for a largely African-American cast) and a few slapstick moments thrown in there for poor measure. For starters, there’s no way that James Marsden will ever be able to compete with the genius performance from Alan Tudyk (their character get’s accidentally drugged with hallucinogens  just before the funeral). The other performances then just seem over played and stereotypically ‘black’. And whats more, is that Peter Dinklage (the guy that plays the midget), is going to play the same character in this American version. Changing the character from a Peter to a Frank …good work there Hollywood

 …this is just retarded.

Doubt me?! You can tell all of this (and so much more…) from the trailers alone!


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One Response to “Damn Hollywood!”

  1. cissym Says:

    Well, that’s completely unnecessary! Why can’t they just teach Americans to understand English English instead?!

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