The future is…

Interestingly I snapped out of lethargy for long enough the other week to apply for a job. It’s a promotion within my existing work place actually (bottom feeder to management), but a job none the less. Considering how down I usually am about my job, it’s come as a surprise (perhaps even to me) how enthusiastic I am about the prospect. For the first time in a long time I feel as though I have a goal for myself, and I have to say, I’m excited about it. I want this job.

I had my interview today, which I think went well. The problem is that I’m starting to get the feeling that the company may decide to employ externally rather than up through the ranks. The other negative is that if they do decide for an internal climbing of the ladder, not only one of my close friends, but also my girlfriend have gone for the same job – awkward much?!

Ah well, fingers crossed, hope for the best and let’s see what happens…


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