The quiet kind of happy…

I’m happy. And sadly, this isn’t something that tends to frequent my lips too much. I mean, sure there are things in life that could be better; like having a decent salary paid job, not living with my parents, or …not living with my parents. But other than the on the surface, hokey kind of things, life is pretty damn good. I have an amazing group of friends that are all slowly but surely finding themselves falling for someone, I’m getting to know someone (through FB chat of all things!) that I think I could have a real repertoire with, I’m starting to build a genuine friendship with an ex of mine (which is actually kind of nice) , Oscar season is coming up (which is a real guilty pleasure of mine), and I’ve pretty much fallen smitten for a lovely young lady. Oh, and I’m re-watching my Gilmore Girls collection that was completed for me at Christmas – what’s not to smile about?!

Hope all of your 2011’s are shaping up just as jolly 🙂




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