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The ‘Real’ L Word

July 6, 2011

When the original L Word finished I was both happy and sad about it all at the same time. I mean, I loved the L Word. It helped me in so many different ways with my questions about orientation and sexuality and all of that. I fell in love with the characters and their stories, and let’s be honest, talking about that show was a great way to gaydar certain women :p By the time the show reached the final season however, I was ready for it to go. It all felt tired, unrealistic and light years away from the show when it started ..thus the happy sad effect.

Now, I know I’m a little late to the craze, but I recently became aware of the show The Real L Word. I wasn’t sure about it to start with, but I figured why not try and fill the little hole in my heart that the early seasons of L Word had left …so I started watching, and I have to say, the show filled that hole …and then some! I truly love this show. Not only is it hot, but it is super realistic. I’ve seen some pretty sketchy ‘real life’ documentary shows in my life, but what the RLW does is that it’s so self aware, it just makes good, honest television. I bet that all who watch can relate to at least one of the characters (is that even the right word for people in a doc?!) at all times, and will have friends that are like the others. This is a true slice of the lesbian pie, and an amazing look into the lgbt world. People think that it’s all fake because the characters all seem to know each other etc ..but those in the lgbt community know that that’s just not true, It’s the degrees of separation in our world people ..we all know someone who knows someone’s the chart all over again – and it is real. I honestly wish Britain had a version of the show!

So those of you that haven’t seen this show, it’s a few episodes into Season 2 right now. Although most of the women are different this season, I strongly suggest you backtrack. Whitney is by far one of the craziest, yet amazingly interesting women on there, and her story from S1 is worth the look. You’ll all love it me 🙂